In most cases OEM manufacturers do their outmost to create doubt regarding the quality of non-OEM gaskets in order to justify their often outrages price-levels for what they call ‘Genuine parts’.

To a certain extend they might be justified, since quite regrettably, several non-OEM manufactures are known to lack the technical  expertise, production methods and generally rely on semi-manufactured products and/or raw materials of dubious quality, with the obvious result that the Quality is compromised and leaves much to be desired !

To the contrary, our consultants and suppliers are experienced chemists, with their own manufacturing facilities and laboratories fully furnished with the latest testing and analytic equipment; hence rightfully earning a great reputation for Quality, which our appreciative customers acknowledge and benefit from, every day!

Instead of being dependent on quality fluctuating semi-produced material readily available on the market, our suppliers formulate their own different mixes of gasket material, starting from Quality controlled basic raw materials.

Without reserve, we regard the quality of our products to equal those once produced in Europe for those going on today as OEMs but indeed with no gasket production facility of their own! Gaskets are sub-contracted to independent suppliers, hence, so much for the much cherished terms ‘OEM’ and ‘Genuine’!

The fact that OEM gaskets are produced by sub-suppliers, instead of by the OEMs themselves, does in no way state anything negative regarding quality. However, due to enforced cut-backs in production costs issued by the OEMs and in order to secure their high-profit levels on spare-parts, many OEMs have squeezed out their gasket suppliers so much that they were forced to move production and raw material purchases to ultra low cost areas.

Although the OEMs of course go head over heels to express that the production methods and materials used in ‘their eastern alternative’ are similar to their old-time production; we’re aware of several documented cases where real life actuality showed totally otherwise!

We hasten to re-assure our clients, that EJV-BORG are not in the ‘cheap alternative’ market! Our products are better value for money. They are scientifically engineered and hence fully guaranteed to perform!

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